interact with a click
The InteractBoxes are interactive boxes are tools that allow users to interact and complete certain actions online. The boxes are connected to all social media platform through the Sociotag platform. To engage with the boxes RFID or NFC smart tags or cards are used to swipe on the machine. They can be customized depending on the brands’ needs and required activation features. Several features of the InteractBoxes are the VotingBox, Social, Access Control, and POS.


VotingBox is an interactive voting machine. It is used as a surveying mechanism to help decipher whether or not an event or product was a success. Each vote can either be anonymous or onymous.

InteractBox Social

InteractBox Social is an interactive touch screen and reader that can be customized to include features such as Bluetooth, RFID, or NFC. These features are directly linked to social media sites and allow people to like a Facebook page, tweet, check in, comment on a status, or send a friend request all through one swipe our touch.

InteractBox Access

InteractBox Access is an interactive machine that monitors access to a venue. With a simple swipe or touch guests will be notified of their assigned section (regular, VIP or VVIP).

InteractBox POS

InteractBox POS is an interactive touch screen device that is used to make payments or recharge credit.


We specialize in making any activation possible, by linking our products to social networks. Also in creating innovative ideas to cater for the clients' needs.

September 16, 2016 | activation, customization, engagement, rent