Vending Redefined

Given the increasing use of technology, its integration into daily activities has become second nature. The addition of interactive technology gives both consumer and brand a more valuable and beneficial experience. The more involved customers become in the process, the more evident their preferences become. One such interactive product is V smart. V smart is a smart vending machine that is tailored to fit the needs of its specific customer. Both software and hardware are customized and branded accordingly.

Custom UI & Display

A customized interface can be created based on a brands requirements.

Know Your Customer

Customer registration, through email or personal information, allows brands to collect integral customer data that can be used for future contact.

Inventory Control

Store inventory and sales can be tracked and consumers can distinguish between successful and unsuccessful products through an online connection.


Figures consisting of the products that were most purchased and how many people used the machine can be gathered.

Vending Products

In addition to our main digital vending machine, we have the following products that we have developed and produced for different major clients in the region

Cards to Go

Cards to Go is the first vending Kiosk designed for Bank Audi to serve as a prepaid cards vending machine. The Cards to Go gives customers the possibility to select a prepaid card with an amount, and get their card instantly. It also includes the design feature which gives the users the possibility of designing their own prepaid card and issue it on the spot.

Telecom Vending

An all operation Telecom vending machine that dispenses Sim Cards and helps customers recharge their lines in a few clicks

Social Dispensers

The Social Dispenser is a social vending machine where people perform several social media actions such as tweeting, liking, or hash tagging to be able to receive items from the vending machine.

September 16, 2016 | customization, engagement, vending