Selfiesbox Photobooth

Selfiesbox Photobooth

a new generation of photobooths

Overlay Feature

A foreground image such as a logo, slogan, date, hashtag, or sentence is placed over a snapshot photo. It will always remain as a reminder of the special event.

Overlay Panel

Several overlays may be selected and placed on the snapshot photo. Overlay panels are also comprised of various pictures, including those of celebrities. A one in a lifetime chance to get close to your favorite celebrity! You could even add your own picture on the snapshot and become the celebrity!


Add multiple photos in a single template using different layouts. When you feel like one selfie won’t do, pick one of our 6 collage layouts. Pictures will be taken consecutively, merely seconds apart, giving your guests the chance to change poses in-between each snap. One print out, many pictures!

Chroma Key

Take your guests all around the world, to any location they dream of with the click of a button. Get creative with multiple backgrounds and pick between 10 different images. Photos are generated instantly.


Users will have the option of recording up to a 15 seconds video. The timing of the video can be adjusted. Guests can leave a heartwarming video, a professional opinion, or just something random. These messages will be as enjoyable to watch as they were to make.


We just doubled the fun! Now you can GIF your selfies! With just the right props, poses and few clicks a GILFHY will be made. Users can create high quality animated GIFs from either taking consecutive photos or videos, and also share on Social Media.

Instant Printing

Prompt studio like customized photograph printing to fit the theme of the event along with a heartwarming sentence, or a logo.

Social Sharing

Instant sharing on any social media accounts such as, Facebook, Twitter ,and Instagram, or the pictures can be sent by SMS or E-mail.


Given the increasing use of technology in this day and age, its integration into almost any event or occasion seems inevitable. This addition allows for a more personalized experience that will automatically attract attention and create buzz.


SelfiesBox is powered by Sociatag platform. A stand-alone photo booth that allows for immediate high-resolution print-outs. Customers choose a theme, grab a prop, take a selfie and then print it. Its hardware consists of several components that together result in the highest quality pictures and printouts, while its software consists of several features that help provide customers with a unique and memorable experience.
SelfiesBox can also run as Print Studio which is an instant high-quality Instagram printer that has recently emerged from VIYV to add an original experience to your events.
Guests will have to tag their picture with the trending hashtag when posting it on Instagram to have it printed instantly. SelfiesBox Print Studio has also an interactive screen that allows guests to go through all the pictures with the same hashtag to reprint or share.

September 16, 2016 | photography, rent