Interatic Boxes with Nescafe at USEK 2015

Interatic Boxes with Nescafe at USEK 2015

Posted by Viyv | February 15, 2015 | Activation, Interactic, Sociatag

InteractBox Social is an interactive touch screen powered by Sociatag’s platform, that allows guests do any social action by a swipe of  their tag. Keeping in mind InteractBox Social can be customized to fit any activation.

On registration period at USEK, Nescafe wanted to find an original way to help students meet each other without the awkwardness of the first talk, and also by enjoying a cup of Nescafe.

VIVY’s creative team came up with an innovative concept to link students to their Facebook accounts, and help in making the one on one conversation more comforting.

Students who participated in this activation had to pass through two fun steps:

  • Registration: Students had to logo on Facebook on InteractBox Social
  • Branded wristband activation: Students had to swipe their wristbands on InteractBox POS screen to link it to their own Facebook account.

Easy right?

Now that the registration is done and each student had his/her own activated wristband, the meeting sessions had begun.

Students sat around a table to have a one on one conversation, whilst they enjoyed a warm cup of Nescafe coffee.

Each friend request was sent by just swiping their tags on the InteractBox Social screen! It can’t get easier than this!

To show all the connections, a wide screen displayed every request these students sent and linked them to one another.

A two-day VIYV’s activation at USEK with Nescafe was fun and light on students to start their first year at ease by meeting each in an innovative way with the most delicious cup of coffee, Nescafe!

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